About Us

Hey Girl Hey!

Welcome to our small family owned business, Baby Vibes & Co. My name is Lauren, and I'm the main owner of the boutique, and of course my fiance, Alex isb right along side with me as co-owner. We have a little girl, named Malayia Raine, & she was the inspo to get this store started. I never even realized how obsessed I would get with little baby clothings and products, and items, and this, and that, and the other, until I had Malayia. She changed my life. I mean my whole life. She gave me a reason to live, and now I am living my best life, with her & Alex at my side. She is my motivation, determination to keep going. She is the drive that I never fully had to keep that little light inside of me burning. I always had the light, but it would constantly flicker and I was scared after so many years, of feeling empty, broken, souless, and lost cause, that that little light was going to fade completely and burn out. But the day I found I was pregant, no the day she was born, changed my life FOREVER. There is so much more to the story, that I wish I could share. And I can, and I will, but this is not the place or the time to do so, this is just the little about me section that I am already ranting on about for too long, I'm sure some people just wanted to double check that I am a real person, or maybe just stumbled on to this page because they just did it. But no matter the reason, I am glad you are here! And so Is malayia! 

In June I was laid off of my Full Time position as an Executive Office Adminsistive Assisitant, and not just me, but my whole office was shut down and laid off. It really sucked! Because that was my career. That was how I supported myself and malayia and everything. Thats a whole other story too, but the main point is, now we have made this our full time job! Well I have anyways! And I am trying my very best and hardest for you guys! If you ever have any suggestions, comments, questions, etc. shoot em my way! You can always email us or dm us on IG. ( the fastest way, would probably be instagram though!)

Currently we are only available online, but once we have all of our chickens and ducks in order ( whatever that means) and we have enough saved up, and can stock up on enough inventory, and allll that good little small business type stuff, then we are finally going to be opening up our, BRICK AND MORTAR SHOP! YAY!

We live right outside of Chicago, so we are planning to open it up, on "The Square" in our town, Crown Point. Filled with other little cute shops, and boutiques, bars, restarurents, the whole shaaabaang! But momma has to stack up so more skrilla first. Lol ew, I don't know why I even just attempted to say it like that. Haha don't judge me! I am 28 not 80 okay, or 18 for that matter, so I probably just shouldn't try saying slang like that anymore. I'm a classy mom now, who wears little "wide brim" classy hats, and stuff now. (you know, those super cute big hats, that are all trendy and boho-ishy, yeah those! lol) Anyways! Malayia has changed our lives. Both of mine and Alex's lives. And we will do anything to make sure that she has the best life possible! So we are truly so thankful and genuinely so appreciative that you even have given this little page a read. ( if you even made it this far!) then my imaginary hat is off to you! (im actually not wearing a hat today, just a messy top knot bun! Girl you know thats my thinking cap! Shoot! lol

So yes! Besides that, if you couldn't already tell, yes I have ADHD. But that's okay, because I am the only person like me. And I really don't know anyone or don't think I have ever even met anymore who is 1/10 similar to me, and shoot, I think that is a good thing! Authenticity is so important. It's hard sometimes to be you, or that saying that goes, "always stay true to you" becauuse what does true to you really even mean? What if I still don't even know who I am yet? For god sakes, I just found out within that last 13 monnths since I have been a new mother, that I am an actually pretty awesome mom, ( I think!) and that there was a whole other awesome side of me (humbly speaking of course) that I didn't even know still existed. The point of allllll of this garble and and blah blah talk is, that this me, this is my family, this is my life, this is my store, and this is about us.

Thank you so much, whoevever you are for giving us a chance, becasue we are just like you, a mom, a dad, a baby, a little fish, a half messy house, an unmade bed, (ONLY SOMETIMES!) and a crazy life, a life where we alll live and love each other. And a life, where anything is possible, and where I will keep growing and trying to build up my dreams. One day soon, we will have that store in our little town, and it will get there, and grow and get better, just like us. 

We appreciate all that our customers, and supporters do for us! I wonder who actually will have taken the time to read this crazy long novel I wrote, If you did shoot me a little quick DM on Instagram and let me know that you read it, and if you feel like you can get a pretty good understand of who we are now, well me at least, because I didn't even get to talk pooor Alex, and how extreamly amazing he is!) That's for another day I guess! ;)

If you’re looking for something new, you’re in the right place. We strive to be industrious and innovative, offering our customers something they want, putting their desires at the top of our priority list! 

Our store IG page is: www.instagram.com/babyvibeshop/ OR @babyvibeshop make sure you FOLLOW US! :)

But yeah, we love to engage, (and you know I love to talk!) and we would love to connect with you guys! I am still kinda new to alll this, I mean, well, it is still my first year anyways!

okay okay I am done! XOXO